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Recipes from Bitten: Six-Minute Chocolate Cake, the Ultimate Lamb Curry and More

BittenThe web is afloat with several new recipes from Sarah Graham’s recently-published book, Bitten.

Food24 has shared recipes for Graham’s “Ultimate lamb curry”, “Peanut sesame chicken” and “Beef and beer pie”.

Meanwhile, Showcook has featured a whole series of Graham’s desserts, including chocolate truffles and mini pavlovas. Enjoy!
Ultimate Lamb Curry, Peanut Sesame Chicken, Beef and Beer Pie:

Bitten is a collection of simple, down-to-earth and healthy, no-mess-no-fuss recipes that almost anyone can cook. Written by food blogger Sarah Graham, it is a companion of convenience, the blog-themed writing style ensures that the writer/reader relationship is established right off the bat.

It is a quirky cross between a food memoir and a cookbook with un-intimidating recipes. Besides delicious dishes, there are handy hints for the novice and reluctant cook, cooking and baking tips, and kitchen and baking starter kits.

Six-Minute Chocolate Cake, Mini Pavlovas, Lemon Tart, Mille-Feuille, Chocolate Truffles:


I know this seems like cheating because a) it’s a microwave cake and therefore just not quite proper somehow and b) it traditionally comes in the style of an unsophisticated ring cake (which screams microwave), but this is one of those real gems that you are definitely going to thank me for. This can be on your plate in 20 minutes with the majority of that time being lent to foot-tapping while you wait for it to cool just enough to ice. A lot of people are put off by microwave cakes because they think they’re dry or stodgy. Not true of this little poppet.

Serves: 6
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Baking time: 6 minutes
Rob’s rating: 8/10

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