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Win a Hamper of 9 Cookbooks, Along with a Yuppiechef Voucher Worth R1 000

Random House Struik is giving away a cookbook hamper along with a Yuppiechef voucher worth R1 000. The hamper includes six local titles as well as three by international authors:

HomeThe Supper ClubA Taste of Israel
Low Carb is LekkerTWOTaste the Little Karoo

To stand a chance of winning the prize, all you have to do is fill in your details and answer this easy question:

Question: What is the value of the Yuppiechef voucher that is up for grabs in this competition?

  • A. R1 000
  • B. R100
  • C. R10

The competition closes on 30 November. What are you waiting for? Enter!


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Try Nida Degutiene’s Recipe for Chraime – a Lesser-known Alternative to Gefilte Fish

A Taste of IsraelJenny Morris recently featured a recipe from A Taste of Israel by Nida Dequtiene in her weekly 48hOURS column.

In the column, Morris relates the story of the Lithuanian Dequtiene’s experience of Israel and the food blog that A Taste of Israel developed from. “This book” Morris writes, “is an open door into the kitchens of the ordinary Israeli home.” She adds that it contains recipes “for dishes that do much more than satisfy hunger”.

The recipe for Chraime (fish cooked in tomato sauce) featured in the article is a lesser-known alternative to Gefilte Fish.

Try it out for yourself:

Chraime (fish cooked in tomato sauce)

Serves 6

Ashkenazi Jews from central and Eastern Europe take great pride in their traditional gefilte fish recipes, but Sephardic Jews, hailing from the Iberian Peninsula or North Africa, don’t look twice at the boiled fish patties. Their culinary answer to this Ashkenazi favourite is chraime – saltwater fish stewed in a spicy, aromatic tomato sauce. From Shabbat, through Rosh Hashanah, to Pesach, not a single Sephardic holiday is without chraime.

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Perfect for Avid Crochet Fans – and Newbies – Sarah Hazell’s 150 All-Time-Favourite Crochet Blocks

150 All-Time Favourite Crochet Blocks150 All-Time Favourite Crochet Blocks brings together the classic patterns of the blocks that all avid crocheters love:

Each crochet block is categorized by skill level, with a crochet chart and row-by-row instructions. A short description focusing on each block’s special features and characteristics has also been included.

The crochet charts are large and colour coded to the crocheted sample. The chosen yarn palette will remind crafters why they fell in love with a particular block the first time around or, for newbies, it could be the start of a new life-long hobby.

About the author

Sarah Hazell is a knitting and crochet designer based in the UK. Her love of knitting led to a love of crochet and she has authored or co-authored two other crochet titles.

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Presenting A Taste of Israel by Nida Dequtiene: From Classic Litvak to Modern Israeli Dishes

A Taste of IsraelA Taste of Israel by Nida Dequtiene will be published by Struik Lifestyle next month:

In author Degutiene’s own words: “When you live in Israel it’s plain to see that food holds a special place in Jewish life. From early morning until dawn the next day, Israelis are always noshing on something and enjoying one another’s company, and on any given holiday the festive table groans under the weight of a multitude of dishes and goodies. This book is an open door into the kitchens of the ordinary Israeli home, an invitation to explore the country’s diverse street food and a glimpse behind the scenes at some of its gourmet restaurants.

“You’ll find recipes for dishes that do much more than just satisfy hunger. They are memories and stories shared with me over the course of five years by Litvaks from Israel and South Africa, by my Israeli friends, by their mothers and their grandmothers. They reflect the traditions, history and customs passed down from generation to generation. They are an attempt at returning a piece of Jewish heritage to the small but vibrant Jewish community in Lithuania.”

Available for the first time in English, A Taste of Israel describes the food through the eyes of a foreigner and non-Jew, who was lucky enough to become part of that Jewish community. Chapters are divided into the usual arrangement of appetisers, starters, mains and desserts, but there are also sections on the different religious festivals, as well as detailed information of what constitutes “kosher”. All the well-known classics are there, such as Gefilte fish, Knaidlach, Latkes and Challah, and more, in the 100 plus recipes, whether traditional or modern.

About the author

Nida Degutiene is an experienced businesswoman, devoted food blogger, writer and freelance journalist. Hailing from Lithuania, she arrived in Israel in 2009 as the wife of the Lithuanian Ambassador to Israel and South Africa and immediately fell in love with Jewish food, culture and traditions. Once she discovered that many nostalgic dishes from her childhood are actually Jewish culinary heritage, blended over centuries into Lithuanian cuisine, she begain to share this knowledge and her experience of living in Israel on her blog. She currently has 30 000 unique followers and boasts more than 40 000 visits per month. Over the past five years Degutiene has written over 300 articles covering lifestyle, travel, culinary arts, culture and business for Israeli and Lithuanian newspapers and magazines, and has her own column in Lithuania’s leading monthly lifestyle magazine. In 2014 Degutiene published her first cookbook, A Taste of Israel in Lithuanian and it reached the Top-10 seller list in Lithuania.

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Sharon Lurie and Fay Lewis Share Their Favourite Passover Dessert Recipes

Celebrating with the Kosher Butcherâ��s WifeBe My GuestSharon Lurie, author of Celebrating with the Kosher Butcher’s Wife, and Fay Lewis, author of Be My Guest, have shared their favourite Passover dessert recipes with The Star.

Lurie’s recipe is for a decadent layered mousse cake, with a peanut butter biscuit base and alternating layers of hazelnut meringue and chocolate mousse while Lewis’ meringue and fresh berry ice cream can conveniently be made in advance:


Serves 6-8

Peanut butter biscuit base

125ml peanut butter

125ml sugar

1 egg

3ml kosher baking soda


Serves 8-10


5 jumbo egg whites

5ml salt

150g castor sugar

150g sifted icing sugar

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Struik Lifestyle is the South African Winner of Six Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Entertaining at Hamilton Russell VineyardsCellarmasters in the KitchenLuscious VegetarianCook With JoshEasy Party Treats for ChildrenCelebration Cakes

Struik Lifestyle, an imprint of Random House Struik, is the South African winner of six Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for 2012/2013, which now qualifies them for the “Gourmand Best in the World” competition. The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau and every year they honour the best food and wine books.

The Struik Lifestyle titles that won include:

The winner in each country will compete against winners in the same category in other countries for the title of “Best in the World”. The results will be announced on the 23rd of February 2013 at the annual Awards event in Paris.

For more information on the above-mentioned titles, visit

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Dip into Deborah Gray’s 500 Quick Meals for Fresh and New Recipes

500 Quick MealsIf you’re short of time and looking for inspiration, dip into 500 Quick Meals for fresh and new recipes that are ready in no time. Perfect for the busy cook, for meals after work, or just to make something to go, this book has plenty of ideas to inspire, no matter how little time you have in the kitchen. Even though all the recipes may be prepared in 30 minutes or less, you don’t have to compromise on quality as fresh ingredients are used to capture real flavour.

In addition to basic recipes that no busy cook should be without, a wide range of cuisines is covered, from European and American classics to those of Mexico, Asia and the Middle East. The meals are balanced for good health and many have low-fat, gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Contents: Introduction; Ingredients and basic recipes; Starters; Soups; Salads; Sandwiches; Chicken and poultry dishes; Meat dishes; Fish and seafood dishes; Pasta dishes; Dairy dishes; Vegetarian dishes; Side dishes; Desserts; Index

About the author

Deborah Gray has had an interest in wholefood cookery since working in a trendy health food café in London. Following a spell working in publishing in the US, she returned to the UK and worked on cookery partworks, wrote numerous cookbooks and has also been a cookery editor. Gray is also the author of 500 Vegan Dishes.

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Learn to Sketch and Draw with Matt Pagett’s Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes PerfectDrawing is a language, and Practice Makes Perfect: Sketching and Drawing contains the grammar and vocabulary necessary for readers to develop their own style. It is also a book that doesn’t believe in ‘can’t draw’.

After a brief introduction and expansion on how the book works, would-be artists are encouraged to consider their individual setups. They are then taken through a series of clearly illustrated, written and designed exercises on the basics of mark-making. Each series is based around a main theme, such as composition or tone, and each section concludes with a more detailed, four page ‘genre project’ that brings the separate elements together.

The book is informed but informal and presented in a combi-pack with an accompanying sketch pad, so that readers can instantly practise the drills and skills provided.

Contents: Introduction; Before you start; Starting; Loosening up; Composition; Line; Value; Surface; Moving on; Tips and hints; Glossary; Index

About the author

Matt Pagett is a London-based writer, illustrator and artist. He has exhibited his work internationally and has authored and illustrated numerous books. Drawing has always been at the heart of Pagett’s artistic output. He has used a variety of methods and media, from the traditional to the digital, and he continues to explore the various ways in which drawing can inform how we look at and relate to the world around us.

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1500 Recipes at Your Fingertips With These Latest Books from the “500″ Series

Random House Struik presents three new culinary tomes from the “500″ series: 500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes by Carol Beckerman, 500 Mediterranean Dishes by Valentina Sforza and 500 Seafood Dishes by Wendy Sweetser:


500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes:

500 Breakfast Who hasn’t heard – at least once – that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The demands of everyday life have made this crucial meal fall to modern conveniences and for many of us, our morning feed is limited to pouring cereal out of a box. With 500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes, breakfast need never be a bland and unsatisfying experience again.

From delicious homemade power bars, protein shakes and vitamin-packed juices to exquisite egg dishes and fibre-rich muffins, the options are unlimited for nutritious and fulfilling breakfasts. Packed with recipes you can prepare in under 10 minutes, or even the night before, 500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes takes the rush out of weekday breakfasting.

Taking inspiration from different cultures, this volume will allow you to experiment as well as try out home recipes for restaurant favourites. It includes a look at the ingredients commonly used, from various grains, fruits, nuts, yoghurts and cheeses.

About the author:

Carol Beckerman is a freelance food writer and enthusiastic cook with more than 40 years’ experience. Having run the kitchen for a traditional English pub and catered for large events, as well as weekly neighbourhood parties in the US, she now chooses to cook and bake for restaurants and run a website devoted to dairy-free cooking.


500 Mediterranean Dishes

500 Mediterranean Dishes This Mediterranean collection contains 500 mouthwatering recipes for every meal, simple gathering and special occasion. From simple tzatziki to more elaborate Serrano ham and shrimp tostadas, or a fresh and fruit-filled dessert, you’ll find just what you need every time.

An introductory section covers all the preparation and cooking essentials, including equipment, ingredients and troubleshooting advice. The book includes recipes for meat, vegetables and fish such as empañadas, piperade and Sicilian stuffed swordfish rolls. Create traditional mezethes, breads, risottos and salads with inspiration from all of the Mediterranean’s culinarily diverse regions.

About the author

Valentina Sforza is a descendent of the famous Renaissance Sforza family. She is an expert on Italian gastronomy and has enjoyed a long career writing about and teaching authentic Italian cooking. She now lives in London and teaches at several cookery schools when not writing or offering her services as a consultant or as a private caterer.


500 Seafood Dishes:

500 Seafood Dishes500 Seafood Dishes is a fresh, exciting collection of recipes for all types of fish and seafood, from abalone to zander. Whether you’re looking for a side dish or a main meal, a wholesome lunch or a cocktail snack, there’s a seafood dish here for every occasion.

To start off there’s advice on making fish part of a balanced diet, as well as why and when to buy sustainable fish from responsibly managed sources. Recipes include classic dishes from around the world, including healthy Southeast Asian noodle dishes, rich, classic French food, as well as traditional family favourites. With 500 recipes for freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as crustaceans, molluscs and other seafood, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, making this the one and only source you’ll ever need for seafood ideas.

About the author

Wendy Sweetser specialises in food and travel writing and is food editor of various magazines in the UK, including OK! and The London Magazine.

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Five Chefs Tell Hilary Biller Their 2010 Cookbook Picks


Great Meals FastSunday Times Food Editor Hilary Biller, author of 101 Fuss-free Bakes, Braai and Great Meals Fast, spoke to five food personalities for their choice of top cookbooks for 2010:
Heston's Fantastical FeastsJackie Cameron, executive chef at Hartford House in Mooi River, chose Heston’s Fantastical Feasts by Heston Blumenthal, which goes back in time with six historical feasts inspired by various legends and fairy tales:

This fairy-tale recipe book takes readers back in time. It’s a culinary adventure story with recipes – six historical feasts inspired by books, legends and fairy tales.

Research for the book included a study of Grimms’ fairy tales, re-reading Dracula and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as work with Slush Puppy machines and microwaves.

PlentyDaniel Jardim, nutrition coach, chef and author of upcoming The Cake the Buddha Ate selects Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi as his top cookbook read for 2010. Having grown up in Israel, many of the recipes are inspired by Ottolenghi’s childhood, but he also makes use of the culinary traditions from Asia and the rest of the Mediterranean:

Though not himself a vegetarian, Yotam Ottolenghi writes a weekly column, The New Vegetarian, for the Guardian’s weekend magazine. Following the success of his Ottolenghi: The Cookbook , Plenty is a collection of recipes first created for the Guardian column.

Now, I am one to skim through cookery books and put markers in those places that might encourage a second visit. But, with Plenty , by the second chapter I scrapped the post-its – it was clear that I would be marking every other page .

Festive FranceAnnette Kesler is the editor of and the former food editor of Fair Lady. Her 2010 pick is Festive France by Louis Janse van Vuuren, Hardy Olivier and Anet Pienaar. The book tells the story two South Africans who take a culinary trip through rural France:

This is the enchanting story of two South African friends who discovered rural France. They travelled, tasted and were utterly seduced, becoming neighbours with a South African couple, Anet Pienaar and her husband, as passionate as they were about experiencing life in France, in the medieval town of Boussac.

When their Château de la Creuzette opened its doors to guests, a world of sensory pleasure opened up. The château has become the fabulous setting for a week-long stay for cooking, painting and writing, all interspersed with exquisite meals, superbly orchestrated and each meal a feast for the eye.

Jekka's Herb CookbookMarty Klinzman, author of several popular cookbooks has been writing and working with food for a long time. She chooses Jekka’s Herb Cookbook as her favourite cookbook this year. In chef Jamie Oliver’s foreward to the book, he names Jekka the “herb queen of England”:

Jekka’s Herb Farm now has more than 650 varieties, making it the largest such establishment in the UK. She is a regular gold-medal winner at the Royal Horticultural Society exhibitions and Chelsea Flower Show. Though she is well known for her TV programmes and radio broadcasts, Jekka’s Herb Cookbook is her first major cookbook and is a thoroughly delightful guide, though it’s limited to her top 50 favourite culinary herbs.

There are no big colour photos but McVicar’s daughter, Hanna, has filled the book with beautiful and delicate illustrations of all the herbs.

BlokeMichael Olivier is the editor for the online digitial magazine Crush, and is an ex-restaurateur. This year, Jason Comins’ Bloke gets his vote. Bloke contains great simple recipes which are easy to follow:

This cookbook for boys is beautifully put together by Jason Comins, whose KwaZulu-Natal-based family are into food in a major way. His mother, Colette, wrote The Farm Kitchen and the man himself trained as a chef at the Ballymaloe cookery school in County Cork, Ireland .

Why did I choose it as my book of the year? Because it is brimming with great, simple recipes that are easy to understand. You’ll find no filet de boeuf or fifi de la bonbon here – just plain old whole fillet, lamb chops and other blokey meals.

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Photo courtesy TimesLive

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